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Hello there! Welcome to the soonerjh photography page! I like to shoot with both Canon and Nikon equipment, and have plenty of great lenses for both! I love to shoot on location to make good use of the available light, but I can do indoor shoots also! If you would like to schedule a shoot, I am available all day on Sundays, for the rest of the week please contact me and we may be able to do something in the evening! (check for availability) email me at for contact info!

Thanks for visiting and remember, it only takes a moment to capture your beauty...forever!!! Please feel free to leave your comment, the models deserve the credit!
Hope to see you soon,
John (soonerjh)

NOTE!!! When viewing the sets below, it is much easier to just to open the set you want to see and then hit slideshow and sit back and enjoy!

NOTICE: This site contains sets that may contain nudity, if that offends you, then it is best that you move along.

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